Versuri Parry Gripp - Happy Birthday, Or Else!

Album: Parry Gripp - One Donut A Day!

I'm gonna write you a memo if you don't have a happy birthday (Yeah)
I'll use a big red pen and punctuate it with a frowny face (Why not?)
And if for even one second I can see that you're not smiling
(come on, smile!) I'm gonna march over there and post it on your cake
(oh, here it comes)

Have a happy birthday, or else! [x2]
Have a happy birthday, don't make me mad (don't make me mad!)
Have a happy birthday, or else! [x2] (Happy Birthday!)
You better be happy or I'll make you real real sad.
(And not just sad - HR sad. yeah)

- "Now listen up buddy. You gotta have a happy birthday or I can't
be responsible for my actions. I don't know what's gonna happen. But
I know one thing for sure. You're gonna have a happy birthday.
OR ELSE! Yeah."

Happy Birthday to you.