Versuri Parry Gripp - The Ballad Of Piddles

Album: Parry Gripp - One Donut A Day!

Well Hoops & Yoyo were walkin' home
When they saw this critter sittin' all alone
And they said 'Hey there, you look like you need a friend.'
(um, yes I do)
Well they went down town and they went to the store
And they bought some socks and they ate some candy
And everybody agreed it was a real good time.

Hey there, Piddles (Hi!)
Piddles [x4] (that's me!) Don't be blue.
Hey there, Piddles (Hi!)
Piddles [x3] (I got a song!) Come on Piddles, we love you.
(Aww, I love you too)

Now Piddles and Hoops & Yoyo were friends
But that's not where my story ends and if you like adventure
You're in for a treat (that's right!)
Now people come from all over the place
Just to get a glimpse of that pretty face
She's everybody's favorite hampster - no...uh
Hippopotamus...uh maybe a Penguin...uh...

She's our Piddles
Piddles [x4] Don't Be Blue (okay)
Hey there, Piddles
Piddles [x3]
Come on, Piddles, we love you
(It's my own song, memorize it!)