Versuri Pearl Jam - Leaving Here

Hey fellas have you heard the news? Oh yeah.
The women in this town are being misused. Oh yeah.
Yeah I seen it all in my dreams last night. Oh yeah.
Girls leaving this town 'cause they don't treat em right-a. Oh yeah.

I'll take a train. (take a train)
Fly by plane. (fly by plane)
They're getting tired. (getting tired)
Getting sick and tired. (sick and tired)

Oh you fellas better change your ways. Oh yeah.
Them leaving this town in a matter of days. Oh yeah.
Girl is good you better treat em true. Oh yeah.
Seen fellas running around with someone new. Oh yeah.

I'm getting tired. (getting tired)
Sick and tired. (sick and tired)
They're leaving here. (leavin' here)
Oh leaving here. (leavin' here)
Oh leaving here yeah yeah yeah leaving here.
Been a while.

Oh yea

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