Versuri PECCATUM - And Pray For Me

Album: PECCATUM - Strangling From Within

I am born
But still not living

And pray for her
When her soul descends

Living the life
Known to mankind

And pray for her
When gloom moves into mourning

Born out of darkness
And sculptured into the shape of

And pray for her
When the blood of hers reveals

I was set to be
The carrier of Sorrow

And pray for her
When demurity is forced away

Which cluster me into a world
Of specimens for me unknown

And pray for her
When nature betrays her again

I am one of natures mistakes
Not only born decades to late

And pray for her
When you shalt be forced to see
The image of her creation

But not able to survive
Born and killed at the same tide

And pray for me once more
Merely because she was made into

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