Country: Norway Label: Mnemosyne Productions Website: Formed in: 1998 Disbanded in: 2006 1998-2006 Avantgarde metal Line-up Former musicians: 1998-2006  Vegard Sverre "Ihsahn" Tveitan - vocals, guitar, keyboards   1998-2006  Pål "Lord PZ" Solberg - vocals   1998-2006  Heidi "Ihriel" Solberg - vocals,......Biografie PECCATUM
Part One: The Black And White Was Meant For Nothing Versuri
Part Two: The Carrier Of Sorrow Transforms Versuri
And Pray For Me Versuri
The World Of No Worlds Versuri
One Play. No Script. Versuri
No Title For A Cause Versuri
Murder Versuri
A Game Divine? Versuri
(untitled) Versuri
Rise, Ye Humans Versuri
Between The Living And The Dead Versuri
(untitled) Versuri
The Watchers Mass (Part 1) Versuri
The Watchers Mass (Part 2) Versuri
Desolate Ever After Versuri
In The Bodiless Heart Versuri
Parasite My Heart Versuri
Veils Of Blue Versuri
Black Star Versuri
Stillness Versuri
The Banks Of This River Is Night Versuri
The Moribund People Versuri
A Penny's Worth Of Heart Versuri
For All Those Who Died Versuri