Versuri Pennywise - Broken

Been stuck on the outside since I can't remember when
Got up just long enough for them to beat me down again
They crawl inside my mind hoping there to find
Ways to be f*****g with my head
They'll never get the best of me
I'm fighting back until I'm dead
Cause I've been used been abused
I've been bruised
I've been broken
And I'm backed up against the wall
But my will to survive can't be stolen
And you can't make me fall
Half-wits and dim pundits try to ruin my good name
Parents and therapists tell me I'm the one to blame
They say "take it like a man" but I can't understand
Why they won't leave me alone
Best friends and enemies think I'd do better on my own
When I think I can't go on just want to stay home in my bed
The problems of this f****d up world seem to be kept up in my head
I take a look around there's nowhere to be found
Somewhere to justify my life
I guess I'll try to keep on trying someday I'll get it right

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