Versuri Pennywise - Come Out Fighting

you're letting voices tell you what to do
when you yourself don't know
you got one too
so let it out and let us know when you're feeling all alone
well I know there are times when you're feeling close to the ground
and there's times when you may feel there's no place to call home
and there's times when the only end in sight is the end you got to. . .
come out fighting
I've got 'em too
but keeping them inside is not the thing to do
you've got to face hang-ups head-on before you know they're hangin' you all alone
so all alone been there before
so please believe me cause I know
sorry to say to your dismay your life is not the only one that you affect
don't you realize that a part of all of us will die inside when you yourself are dead

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