Versuri Pennywise - Now I Know

woke up to a perfect day no hope in sight but the futures bright ahead
today things will go my way i got to fight - can rest when i am dead
got no time for your explanations give me the frustrations and strained relations
can't wait for what waits for me got to get out and find whats right for me
now i know - i can hear the voices in my head they're telling me what to do next
can't figure it out - i guess we'll see - i know nothing comes for free
no one can say what the future holds and now i know i've lost control
who knows what waits for me - no hope in sight - the futures bright for me
too long i've been denied and hypnotized by the lies they've told me
and too long i've been controlled i've got to know what it feels like to be free
of the grasp of their expectations - their tribulations - no reservations
can't wait for what waits for me to get out and find what's right for me.
and still you hear them - you loose control - you can't escape them listen and you'll know.

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