Versuri Penumbra - Insurection

Album: Penumbra - The Last Bewitchment

He implores all of you,
he kneels before you,
Let this being outside
of your rage and your hits
He proclaims himself: < Holy Knight >

When he opened his trembling arms,
freeing himself of the oppression
Which gripped him,
he saw the rising spirits around him
I implore all of you, I kneel before you,
before you

Cause it's against you, brothers, I will fight
I'll fight for having desecrated the flesh,
the flesh
Of the being for whom I live
For whom I'm ready to die
Under an unexplained spell,
he moved forward
To the illuminated candled altar,
he fused with the hot magic wax
And when, slowly, he consumed himself,
human life leaving him

A being for whom I live
A being for whom I'm ready to die