Versuri Penumbra - Moaning On Earth

Album: Penumbra - The Last Bewitchment

His tears are running in the fire ,
whose flames are burning his eyes
He's running on some dusty waves believing
He can't reach the sea,
lost in silent Height invaded
With a steaming mist and by the wind,
swept away
Sad ephemeral creature,
moaning on earth
His sight gets lost on those immensities

Do you hear the echo of my terrified voice ?
Do you hear the echo lost and despaired ?
Do you hear the sea screaming its distress ?
Do you hear the sea facing my sadness ?

His consciousness suddenly realizing
After the peak, the end of humankind,
for ever
Never more tremble faced
with devils disguised in traitor angels
Moving me away of my body sliding on the floor
With my wings ripped by these mortal feeling,
ho I hear some bells ring
In the distance, is it the time of my destiny?
Phantasmagoric monsters
in a crazy dance fascinate me
Enchanting me,
I've buried my dreams in this oblivion field