Versuri Persefone - Niflheim (The Eyes That Hold The Edge)

Album: Persefone - Truth Inside The Shades

[Lyrics by Rdiger & Iawr]

Blood is bleeding through my arms
Rotten violence is beating in my head
There's a forest
Where the trees judge me with silenced whispers
Light blinds my eyes
I'm at the edge of sanity...
A silence in morbid dreams
I'm falling down
An unknown place for me
Where beauty becomes a nightmare found.

[Solo Alden]

Fear kills my senses
My mind is slaved in an abstract sky
My solitude, dead heart screams
Mystical cries involved in death
How can he ask me to look at his crystallized eyes?
How can he talk to me?
Can I feel the life in death?
Can I feel the fears of mine?
Tragedy is slowly rising
The truth that I never wanted to know!!!

[Solo Rdiger]

[Solo Alden]

[Solo Iawr]

All my fears beyond me
Cynic breaths laughing no more
Holy death appears in me
Remain me for a life that I never felt

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