Versuri Persefone - Shin-Ken Part I

Album: Persefone - Shin-Ken

I feel their hate
I can see the fear in their cowardly eyes
They treat me as a beast, a demon

The man who cannot feel
Searching for glory
So that to be reminded
Fighting to death

The great war’s about to explode
This is the chance for me to rise
From this darkened hole
It’s hard to think
There’s only chaos around
Just blood, and shouts

Luck chose the enemy
To claim the triumph against us
Against me

Just blood and shouts

Death is near
Pursuing me.
I can’t fall that soon
And I hide under those
Who looked at her eyes

And I learnt (that) the power of mind
Is the cutting edge of the sword
From fight to fight, master after master
Harvesting the seeds of knowledge

My blade’s required to veil for other’s causes
But my war’s against the beast
And the promises I didn’t keep
To those I left
Throughout the way

They call me beast, they call me demon
Until my skill get over them as a master

Practice and perfection I searched for
Learning is all what I have done
I faced death with courage everyday
And I always saw the dawn rising again...

And it was the time and the moment has arrived
The warrior sight lights the trace of my blade...
I honour the way you follow in life
Now fight!!

Standing firm I keep your sight
I await your first strike
You use your force I use my mind
Fate will decide... who will die?
With honour you will lose your life