Versuri Persuader - As You Wish

Album: Persuader - The Hunter

Flashback from the start
A well known pattern of slaughter
Receiver, deceiver
The force grew strong as he fought her

The face of fear itself, shapeless to our eyes
A prince of dark devotions, you awoke me

Your wish is my command
Your fate is in my hand
So why have you forsaken me

Finally it seems
The mind of flesh is the winner
But twisting the time itself
Entrapment pure for the sinner

The world is now at ease, but for how long in peace

Show me wonders, twisted and unpure
Bursting out, born again
Now, as the nightfall comes
Heavenly, sent to me

Hold your tongue, say no words
Your dreams might come true
Race my mind, blind

I can ease your suffering, remove the pain
Just say the words out loud
Trading my own soul tonight, deliver me
Awake dead to the world

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