Versuri Persuader - Cursed

Album: Persuader - The Hunter

Stumbles in darkness, chambers below
No longer resting, the fire-eyes glow
Fleeing from the shadow, a chaos rebirth
Continual illusions, now having earth

Forgotten denied
A life by your side
A life all alone by your side

Creation of man
A soul wrapped in flames, above the remains
A curse for the cursed
A lion insane, above the remains

Man, human, filth, noble, strong, weak, alone
Now they gather in the four twilight zones
Coming from the north, the east, south and west
Now they're praying to god, please save me - not the rest

The reaper a lie

In the shadows I've been hiding
At times a step away
Surrounded in clouds in hope to bring a better day
My life begins to fade
But still you are so far away

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