Versuri Persuader - Enter Reality

Album: Persuader - When Eden Burn

Will we ever see the light of day
Hear the angels cry for a hollow soul
You think you'll live forever steadfast and strong
But I will prove you wrong
Another struggle to survive

Potential victim, may the sins remove your fear
Blessing and curse as one
I think you'll die tomorrow, perish and burst
Blinded you fall
Your God is dead and gone

Can you hear my voice
Can you look through my eyes
All that is gone will be a memory
You still have a choice
Conceal or shine
Don't preach to the world
Enter reality

Lifeless unbound, now eternal I've become
Can't get rid of this obsession in my mind

Still wearing the birthmark of the man who was deceived
The dream, the lust and despair

You might think it's a fairytale
This is what I call hell
Sinner, slave, unholy ghost
Thy unity