Versuri Pestilence - Echoes Of Death

Album: Pestilence - Consuming Impulse

[Music: Mameli]
[Lyrics: Foddis]

Trapped inside my self-capsule
For a journey into an atmosphere
A darkened space Im floating in
Although I am not here

Im caught, a room, its coloured black
The trap I havent chosen
I cannot think, my limbs
I cannot move, seems like theyre frozen

Peaceful existence in a world
Above earthly life
Ive been there in this paradise
Where all is calm and nice

Walking in the other side
I cant tell the difference
Between day and night
Voices I can hear
Hidden somewhere, but theyre near
Out there in this universe
Imaginary world of fantasy
Am I dreaming?
But It seems so real to me

Humanity denies death
Search for immortality
Melancholy desire
Cant become reality

No reason to fear death
We all will meet it anyway
A promised life in hereafter
As we will pass away