Versuri Pestilence - Out Of The Body

Album: Pestilence - Consuming Impulse

[Music: Mameli]
[Lyrics: Foddis]

In the darkness
They crawl on places
Where you cant see or hear they come
Marching silently
When its dawn they will be gone

A swelling on my body
Makes me suffer, live in anxiety
No time to waste
Just open the abcess, will you please help me
The ignorance is dominating
Remedies you try
I can not live this life any longer
What is it and why?

While youre asleep
Theyll enter your skin
The search for the new place they will dwell
They give their children
A place to be born
You wont notice except for the smell

Mysteriousness, researches cant explain
The sorrow of this eternal pain
Its burning stronger day by day
Cure me, thre must be a way

Desperation, confused mind
Never heard of the disease of this kind
So tell me what can I do
To leave this HELL Im going through

Human blood
The perfect place
Birth of descendants
Creatures living
In my veins the horror
Frightening, sickening
The pain that I am bearing
Begging, please get them
Out of my body

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