Versuri Pete Yorn - June

Pots and pans are indestructible.
How do you respect your room?
If you hadnt gone tomorrow,
You could have stayed on til June.

Its alright if I was older,
Its ok to lose your age,
And I, want to follow you,
I do, I do.

Its another I could trust you,
Its another thing to swear,
Im ok with all the others,
Its just her I cannot stand,
Im old enough to feel the way I do
And I know that you are true,
its just a part of my genes.

And I want you to know,
its hard to wait on,
Ill swallow you whole,

Wait kindly in the next room.
And you have stayed,
A mile away from me,
And you will stay a mile away from me
If you know whats good for you,
You could have stayed until June

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