Versuri Pete Yorn - Last Summer

Album: Pete Yorn - Back and Fourth

we were afraid
we would never meet again
we would never see it thru
our time was short but not for no one reason
we couldnt stay
we were not each others truth
we were close but very far
i'll never see your face in sunshine again...

we were there last summer
it was fresh as the ocean
it was great last summer
but we can not go back again.

we were trying
to repeat what we once had
but you left so many times
you can never go back again

we were there last summer..

oh maybe as time goes by
we will talk about it and laugh
but now it's too close, it's too close
we know what we must do

we were fools
to wonder when we'd get it back
i know i can not do it all again
the longing pain that we will deal with eventually

we were there last summer..

we can not go back again
we can not go back again
we can not go back again..oh

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