Friday Chords - Phish

Short Introduction:

Verse 1:
E            D                  B
I crashed, I burned, but then I learned   
B                                          -- Play Softly
To keep my eye on you                     /
E          D                    B
You always say, you'll lead the way
But then you never do

Prechorus 1:
A           B                    E
I slowed, I swerved, but lost my nerve
And quickly looked away
A             B                 E
When I looked back, the day was black
Then I heard you say

Chorus 1:
D          F#m
Why is the sun hot and
G           Em      G
Why does it rain?
Em           C
Why is there danger and
G            A
Why is there pain?
D             F#m
Why can't the burden
   G         Em     G
we carry go away?
    Em           C        D
And why isn't it Friday today?

Verse 2:
E            D               B
Your lack of trust is hardly just
So do as you've been told
E             D           B
Please follow me into the sea
Don't worry if it's cold

Prechorus 2:
A            B                E
I knew right then, my chance again
Had quickly slipped away
A          B                E
I crash, I cry, I burn, but I
Still follow anyway

Chorus 2:
D          F#m
Why is the sea cool?
G         Em      G
Why is it blue?
Em       C
Why do I stay here?
G         A
Why is it you
D          F#m
notice the danger
          G           Em     G
but don't help in any way?
Em           C        D
Why isn't it Friday today?

What follows is:
-Verse Progression (No Lyrics)
-Prechorus 2
-Chorus Progression (No Lyrics) X5

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