Biografie Pig Destroyer

Pig Destroyer
Formatia Pig Destroyer s-a infiintat in anul 1997, in Virginia, Statele Unite.
Stil: grindcore, death metal
J. R. Hayes - voce
Scott Hull - chitara
Brian Harvey - baterie
Blake Harrison - electronics
Split with Orchid EP (1997)
Demo (1997)
Explosions In Ward 6 CD (1998)
Split with Gnob EP (1999)
Split with Isis EP (2000)
7" picture disc EP (2000)
38 Counts of Battery CD (2001) Compilation of all preceding releases.
Prowler in the Yard CD (2001)
Split with Benumb CD (2002)
Painter of Dead Girls (tracks from Gnob and Benumb splits, 2004)
Terrifyer CD (2004)
Split with Coldworker and Antigama EP (2007)
Phantom Limb CD (2007)