Save My Life Chords - Pink

any comments?  Requests - I know lots of Pink chords!

(Note about this particular tablature: it is not in the same key as the album
version of the song.  However, if you know the song's lyrics, these chords will
do just fine, I promise)

Save My Life - Pink

C             Am
She's back on drugs again
       F                       C
Even though she knows it ain't right
C               Am 
She can't even call up her friends
        F                C
And say "help me save my life"
C            Am                       F                C
She's so ashamed of herself that she's come full circle
C        Am                    F
Nobody understands what it's like to
Be this girl

      F         C          F
So she disappeared, and she
        C            F
Wasn't clear, and she
           C             Am  G
Didn't say where she was going

C         Am                 
Save my life, won't you help me
F         C
Save my life, won't you help me
C         Am
Save my life, won't you hear me
F         C
Save my life, won't you help me

C            Am
She had the man of her dreams
F           C
  And some success
C           Am       F            C
And she was so happy, and looking well
C           Am             F         
It was this one dark night, that she
C             Am                  F
And then the next morning that she 
Felt like a piece of s**t
        F           C         F
So she's hanging out, and she's
          C               F
With the crowd, and she's
           C                Am    G
Travelin' where the wind is blowing

           F           C       F
And he's a real good guy and he
           C                   F
Wants to save her 'cause he's
           C                 F   C
More than been there all before
         F        C          F         C              F
And she's so confused and his heart is breaking and he
            C                 F     C
Dreams she's knocking on his door

Instrumental: F, C, F, C, F, C,

Am      G
Save my life


~if you like, you can add an extra "instrumental" after the last chorus like this:

Instrumental: F, C, F, C, F, C

Am      G
Save My Life

*it's a nice ending to the acoustic version of the song.