Versuri Pitchshifter - Everything's f****d

Album: Pitchshifter - Deviant

Everything's f****d again -- Well those are harsh words my friend. Just tell me "some things never chane" -- Just tell me we're 2000. Everything's f****d again -- But go back to sleep my
good friends. "You don't think they'd ever let us down?" -- "You don't think that we'd remember?" Everything's f****d again -- But don't let it get ya my friends. Just tell me it's the first
time -- NO Tamagotchi headline. Everything's f****d again? -- But then what the hell would I know? It's just Millennial dementia -- Just my stupid magazines.
We got nothing to see -- We got nothing to do. We got nothing to take -- We got nothing to lose. And there's nothing we like -- And there's nothing we need. You got nothing to say -- 'cause
I'm telling you everything's f****d.
Everything's f****d again -- Well these are dark days my friend. Just tell me all those pretty lies -- Protect me from the downsized. Everything's f****d again -- But we'll play out happy to
the end. We'll all be paid in kind -- No contributions this time. But don't let it get you down, 'cause we'll put it back the next time. Just don't let it get you down.

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