Versuri Plain White Ts - Broken Record

Album: Plain White Ts - The Wonders of the Younger

It was summer love,
She was like a drug,
Bit me like a club,
Everything was alright,

I was James Dean,
She was Billie Jean,
California Queen,
Everything was alright,

From the bad beat,
To the back scene,
In the heat heat,
Everything was alright,

Lovers and gears of common bomb,
She'll always be my favorite song
She was silent gold,
She was Rock'n'roll
I should have never let her go go go

Kiss me goodbye and I knew it was final,
Got in her daddy's car and she was gone like vinyl,
Her memory pops up when I least expect it,
It's stuck in my head like a broken record,
Pa pa pa pa pa Broken Record,
P-p-pa pa pa Broken record,
A broke, a broke, a broken record,
P-p-pa pa pa Broken record,

She was hot file,
She was low file,
Burning up July,
Everything was alright,

Let me with a kiss,
I wonder where she is,
If that she ever miss me,
Oh oh oh,



I wished I could find her,
Ooh oh oh,
Cause I need to remind her,
Ooh oh oh,


Skip skip through my head,
Skip skip through my head,
Skip skip skip through my head all day.

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