Versuri PLATITUDE - Skies Of Xenon

Album: PLATITUDE - Nine

So you betrayed me after all!
I saw the fire in your eyes
Ohh, I'm a fool. I believed in you
I think there is reason to believe
Everything happens for a cause, so you say
Your eyes telling lies for a blindman

Why should I suffer?
I cry out in agony!

Put your lies on me
I will always feel, I will always feel
Starting to believe, starting to believe
My mind is floating
Reason, tell me why! Reason, tell me why!
I'm flying as i die
Into the Skies of Xenon

Dreams destroyed, a missing love.
Chained in hell, I stare above
Is there someone divine who can help me?
Help me unleash my heart again!
Can nobody see my soul is stained?
I will cleanse my soul with your pride!

Why should I suffer?


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