Versuri P.O.BOX - God Blasts America

Album: P.O.BOX - And The Lipstick Traces

Education or just manipulation,
Too many lies seen on the screen of my television.
Slick propaganda making the most of god.
Crusades are on their way and cannot be blocked.

Not the same god but same desire of revenge,
Your churches are filled up with graves,
Rest in peace.
A prayer in your mind, and a bullet in your head,
Humanity is endangered,
God blasts america.

Open your damn bible, and f*****g close your eyes,
No time for peace but time for revenge.
Steal god or oil, boosting economy,
In gold you trust, more than in freedom.

Never blessed, soon blasted in god's or revenge's name,
Role of a democracy should be to give
Peace a chance.
Haws are renewed, international rights are scorned,
War criminals out of control,
God blasts america.

Don't pray, just open your eyes,
Rest in peace, die for your country.
60 million of accomplices,
I hope justice will triumph.