Versuri Poema Arcanus - Stone And Magma

Album: Poema Arcanus - Telluric Manifesto

[Magma:] "Would we melt through friction?"

[Stone:] "No, my wordless stone is always one"

[Magma:] "So... may I laugh at your grey solitude?"

"You will never sing those songs
Cause you can not bleed my stone
Those will never drink my nights
Behind these concrete words... there is a sun that cries with light"

Stone and Magma

Performance without passion
Drowned in Magma I breath

Watch me being reborn!
Watch me as I f**k!
Watch me as I cum!
Watch me as I die!

We Say: He is a mute man bound by his walls
A dreadful gut that eats silence
He is the eternities of life
A painting without impressions
A rare life that shines black

She is the killer of this death
She is the devil's social bones
She is the breast which can dissolve
Life and its twisted games
A torment that makes me sleep

The dissolved stone speaks in flames:

"Now I breathe and laugh her fires,
and all my words are too late"