Moon Touches Your Shoulder Chords - Porcupine Tree

"The Moon Touches Your Shoulder" - Porcupine Tree - from "The Sky Moves Sideways"

          EADGBE  Standard Tuning   
 Em       0220XX
 Dmaj     XX0232
 Asus2    X02200
 D*       XX0032
 F#m      244222
 Am       002210

Em            Dmaj  Asus2           D*       
Springtime is over don't head for home

Em            Dmaj  Asus2           D*
Creep up the ladder and steal over stone

Em                Dmaj  Asus2             D*
No time to forget this world's in your eyes

Em                 Dmaj Asus2             D*
Sway in the cloud blur and light up the sky

F#m x 4, Am x 4

Em            Dmaj  Asus2            D*

Cast off the colour and tune into black

Em                     Dmaj     Asus2               D*

The moon touches your shoulder and brings the day back

F#m, Am to end

(If anyone can name that D* I'd be grateful!)