My Ashes Chords - Porcupine Tree

Tune down 1 whole step

Intro -  Em, C/G, Em/C# 

Em                    C/G

All the things that I needed


Wasted my chances

Em                  C/G    Em/C#

I have found myself wanting

Em                C/G    Em/C#         Em

When a mother and father gave me their problems

      C/G              Em/C#

I accepted them all

Em             C/G

Nothing ever expected

Em/C#      Em

I was rejected

                    C/G           Em/C#

But I came back for more  


C                  B

And my ashes drift beneath the silver sky  

        A                             B

Where a boy rides on a bike and never smiles  

C                    B

And my ashes fall on all the things we said  

     A                            G, E, B, G, E, B

On a box of photographs under the bed  

I will stay in my own world
Under the covers  
I will feel save inside
A kiss that will burn me  
Cure me of dreaming  
I was always returning  
And my ashes find a way beyond the fog
And return to save the child that I forgot
And my ashes fade among the things unseen  
And the dream plays in reverse on piano-keys
And my ashes drown upon a (           )    
Never ending clouds of rain and distant sails  
And distant sails