Versuri Portal (Aus) - Heirships

Album: Portal (Aus) - Outre

In his commorancy, the illuminary motions their forthcoming

Egmbuoyant heirlooms moored & reposed
Mortal impelled beyond causality
The ordinance streams

Equidistant the churlish refashion
Ulterior pneumatic antiques mercurial agenda peeled
Ruin - the verdict

Coefficient of the loom
Slothfoul plethora flourish in disgrace
Blotting dim
Entourage of phreqs encompass

Utricles gloat in abeyance
Riddling puce sleet bleaking fatherland null

Transfusion of the imbued pending
The consumptive dour
Foretastes the misshapen ones

Covetous juncture dilates
Avian xspectrents encroach
Plasm umbilicus steep au courant

Supinely bled the pupae shed

Tyme fly blown disfigments conclude
The pastures shall never thrive for those who sow
Seepia thee peerless shade
Your orbs to mirror...

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