Versuri Portal (Aus) - Ominpotent Crawling Chaos

Album: Portal (Aus) - Outre

Gateway open to a monstrous cataract
Explore drifting conjectural lands of ill
Abodes of horrible implications
No great thought may follow there
Atop seven golden stairs of cold kadath


Massing the telepathic sending's of the immemorial master
Utter contradiction of all matter, force & cosmic order.
Omniscient aeon devised design...
Complete destruction
Of all sanity & order

Summon the machine, ominpotent crawling chaos
Open our minds to the void
Carry forth our desire
That we partake in dreams of madness sake
Reveal the non euclidean blind nuclear

The outer dark, the forgotten, the whole obscene
Transcendent cosmivorious

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