Versuri POTENTIAM - Guidance Of Sin

Album: POTENTIAM - Orka I Myrkri

6. Before you wither

I knew,when you looked away
That your eyes reflected beuty
A stolen sun
Decietefully made mine

Therefore it was you that spoiled me
With such pleasures
Only to rip it away?
Didn't you know that the hungry
Always come back for more?

The decease spreads all through me
I say to myself
Think not,for reality is only an option
For the cold,bitter truth is so clear
Emptiness is driving me

If you only knew the ways of my mind
Kill me and you will see
So slay me down,
Send me deep inside
Into the one dimentia world
There is noone to interfere

I drift further and further away
Finally I will be lost
So therefore
Let me cherish
Let me never forget
For the last time
Speak my name in lust
Before you wither and dissapear
Dead or alive
I will never leave

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