Versuri POTENTIAM - Voices Within

Album: POTENTIAM - Bálsýn

A quest for knowlegde begins
Seek the truth behind the words

The more I see,the less I know
Let my torments become free
Why they hunt my soul,I do not know
Risen above all life I am

Visions of the world,come to me...

I am a gun that shoots the world
With emotions for powder
Creation for barrel
Creation...Let my emotions free

Son of the sun,watch me burn
Watching tomorrow come,watching all die
Beyond the sea,my thought came free
Oh sealed powers,I am with thee

4. In Unity

Mother,you gave us life
Mother,we betrayed you
A lonely mind cries for you
As you feed on my blood
Without you there would be no us
And without us,
all memories of you existence would die
Why are they so blind?
Why can't they see?
What is reality worth,
if they can't use it to see your pain?

When I'm gone I beg you to set my soul on fire!

Mother,where is my death?
Mother,why do I still have to see you suffer?
Now you carry my blood in you darkest veins
There it will flow until end of time

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