Versuri POVERTY'S NO CRIME - Moving Target

Album: POVERTY'S NO CRIME - The Chemical Chaos

what if my life is a one way story
what if my time is a one last chance
if every moment is pre-decided
every day will complete your life

killing the sense of a sacred story
wasting your time with a senseless fight
life is a game with a moving target
truth is a place wich is hard to find

You follow a thousand ways - where do you go ?
Minds focused on the human scale fail to see all

oh, how can you be so sure
about your destination
oh, how can you smile
when the leafs are falling

Time - passes with the speed of light - shadows on you
In spite of the the world we know - we fail to see all

knowing the things I dont want to follow
is taking me to an adventural place
There is a siren that keeps me fighting
will you take care of your one last life?

You follow a thousand ways - where do you go ?
You walk into the strange unknown - fail to see all

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