Versuri POVERTY'S NO CRIME - Open To Attack

Album: POVERTY'S NO CRIME - One In A Million

You are always the concience inside
But different is all that we want to be
You looked me straight in the eyes
And left my side with a smile on your face

Nothing in common, like a fighting defender
Always in danger of a useless surrender

Wasting time to keep the lion's eye
Isolation makes me feel this way
I dont want to take strong advice like
"Dont go there and follow evils way "

See the words weve had every night
You cannot win unless you dont give in
It's no use wasting a single tear
I just want to show my point of view

You put the spy in my head
And I put up with losing my self control
Faces they stare without eyes
Prey on my mind - capture my dreams

Nothing in common - a binding agenda
Dont say the world keeps on turning without me.........

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