Versuri Power Quest - Galaxies Unknown

Album: Power Quest - Magic Never Dies

We all travel light and space
To find the answer to the question
Save the human race.
Far out to galaxies unknown
We'll never give searching
Always thinking of our home.

The sands of our existence running low
There's only one direction for us all to go.

Into the sky, high above where the eagle flies
We journey to find a new home
Beyond the stars where a new life will wait for us
Somewhere we all can belong.
Our world is dying as we speak
From policy and government
The future's looking bleak.
We all must stand up for what's right
The poor are getting poorer
And the planet won't survive.

Tired of the fighting destroying our world
Now is the time to be strong
No turning back, we are leaving today
Hoping to find our own way.
We cried an ocean full of tears
For those we left behind us
When we made the journey here
I hope that somehow they survive
The odds are stacked against them
In their Quest to stay alive.

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