Versuri Power Quest - Hold On To Love

Album: Power Quest - Magic Never Dies

This all happened many years ago
When you and I first met
We were strangers from different towns
The scene for us was set
Pretty soon we were hanging out
Spending time as friends
Didn't know what it's all about
The signals that you sent.

Closer now, don't think I will ever leave you
Never, ever say goodbye.

Hold on to Love, don't let it slip away
Hold on to Love, we'll take it day by day
When hearts are broken you will find
All that you had has been left behind
Whoo-ah! hold on to Love

You were there when my best friend died
To ease me through the pain
But you never seemed to realize
Was you that kept me sane
Looking back on everything that was
So many years ago
Do you ever think of all those times
When it was me and you?