Versuri Power Quest - Lost Without You

Album: Power Quest - Neverworld


It was a cold December morning
Round about midnight
Hear a distant church bell ring
Doesn't really mean a thing
Suddenly I catch your eye
And much to my surprise
You are looking back at me
I wonder just what you can see

Tonight is when you go away
I hope I'll see you soon someday
Candle flickers in the corner of my mind
It has been so many years
Filled with laughter, filled with tears
I just hope the memories linger on...

Can't you see I feel I'm fading away ?
And I don't know if I can face another day
Hearing voices at the back of my head
If this goes on I'm surely gonna end up dead
This was never how I thought it would be
How was I to know you would have this effect on me ?
Like a stranger in a far-away place
Day to day, hoping that it's not too late

Oh, can't you see, you're all I need

So I walk this road without you
Now that you have gone away
Heading for the future not the past
Spend my time without you
Live my own life everyday
How long is the heartache gonna last... oh

Now you're gone and only memories remain
Remind me of you and help to ease this tragic pain
That I'm feeling like I'm caught in a mire
Nowhere to turn, no one to quench the burning fire

I thought I heard you softly calling my name
Can't be true 'cause things will never be the same
Tried to reach you but there's no one at home
Feeling lonely even though I'm not on my own
Can't believe how quickly time has gone by
Days and weeks and months in the blink of an eye
Wish I knew how the story will end
There is one thing - I hope we can still be friends