Versuri Power Quest - Magic Never Dies

Album: Power Quest - Magic Never Dies

It started long ago, when stories still were told
And heroes still defended their world
The centuries went by and all the stories died
And no one knew that magic survived.

The last of the mage line
Conjured a spell that would live forever
A chant and a rift in time
He journeyed into the unknown.

Whatever the future may bring
The magic will remain in all of us
Whatever the danger we face
Together we will all be strong enough
To find our salvation in life
To follow the ways of old
You can be sure in the one thing we know
Magic never dies.

The kingdom of the night, against the mages might
Has battled since the dawning of time
With darkness all around, a ray of hope is found
To save us from destroying our world

The world will be at peace, the west and in the east
When people learn the ways of the light
And stories will be told, just as in days of old
And magic lives in all our souls

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