Versuri Power Quest - The Longest Night

Album: Power Quest - Magic Never Dies

We've come so far again
No chance to turn away
We've come too far to falter now or be afraid.

Way beyond endurance is the place that we are thrown
Hungry and weak
We are tired and alone.

We must go on - don't listen to the devil's song
We must go on - to build the Promised Land again.

The longest night - shattered by the morning light
Breaking through the darkness with the power of hope inside me
The farthest land - conquered by the heart of man
Tearing through the darkness with the power of hope to guide me.

Desolate and barren is the place that we now dwell
Torn apart and dying now
The final living hell.

He may wait for us to fall
But we won't bow in fear to his demands and calls.

We may run to distant shores
But we will not kow-low to his desires or petty laws

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