Versuri POWER SYMPHONY - Confutatis

Album: POWER SYMPHONY - Evillot

I know I lived my life in sin, pride and greed, wrath and lust
and all of the seven sins
damnation Virgil, I've always known is awaiting me
for all eternity

Confutatis maledictis flammis acribus addictis
Voca me cum benedictis oro supplex et acclinis" [from the Confutatis Maledictis, Mass in Latin]

I fell from grace, I will be damned

Vergelius will guide you, you all
"All hope renounce ye lost who enter here." [from Dante's Inferno]

"And we with no more words delay, went
forward on that hard and dreadful way " [from Dante's Inferno]

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