Versuri POWER SYMPHONY - Mother Moon

Album: POWER SYMPHONY - Futurepast

[D'Orlando / Cecconi]

Come to me my dear night
I look for the light,
Black and white.
Mother moon, sister star
So close and so far.

When I see your cold light
I feel warm inside,
Me and my pride.
No more body, only soul,
How I heed your call

All your secrets now are mine.
(I hold your secret in my mind)
So small yet so wide,
Big inside.
(Show us your face)
Universe much too small,
Claustrophobia take your toll.

Then I dwell among you stars,
(Are you one of my kind?)
My home and my heart,
Torn apart.
(Show me the dark side)
I float around, on the ground,
just the time to feel your sound.

Day by day
time goes on,
I still hear your call.
Be with me mother moon,
help me, please, to make his doom.
Brother sun, fratricide,
I'll make you feel I'm alive.
I'm alive!
(Show me your black side)
Today is the day you'll die!

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