Versuri Pretty Maids - Don't Turn Your Sex On Me

Album: Pretty Maids - Scream

When I wake up in the morning
All wrapped up in sheets
On your silk covered bed
Skin on skin softly warming
If loving you is living
I'd be better off dead

Try to break away
But you wont let go
Tearing me apart
When the lights are low
You drag me through the fire
Giving me that innocent virgin look
Slap me in the face
While you've got me on the hook
You're the devil and desir

You turn your sex on me
You blind me to my knees
Black hearted woman please
Don't turn your sex on me

You're the goddess of temptation
Use me up abuse me then you crucify me
You got me wrapped around your finger
I'm stuck inside your shadow
Deeply hypnotised

I bet you're feeling good
When you got me down
Walking on the moon
While I hit the ground
You know just how to bend my will
Hardheaded woman got a hold on me
Still you got me running for your company
You know it's the passion that kills


Don't ever let a stranger
Into your heart
I should have seen the danger signs
Right from the start

Knocking on my door
Come into my room
Leave me in a spell
With your sweet perfume
Then you take me, bend me, shape me
Raging like a fire
In the heat of sin
Baby feels hot like a desert wind
You're animal and innocence

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