Versuri PRIMORDIAL - Cities Carved In Stone

Album: PRIMORDIAL - The Gathering Wilderness

I lost my self, in those streets
A passenger of foreign tongue
The sun sets, in the same language
And rises just the same

There was no grand design
To get to this point
No absolutes, no given truths
We were not carved in stone

She sent the sun to heal me
She sent the moon to guide me
And when the words failed me
So she lay beside me

Sometimes I get to thinking of the past
When I've had more than a drink or two
Who knows where the days go
And would you ever want them back

[Lyrics: A.A. Nemtheanga]
[Music: MacUilliam and Primordial]

["That feeling when you are in another city, another town, strange and new streets and you realise you are wholly alone. Not one person around you knows you and no one knows where you stand in this world. It is these moments travelling that make me think of the past more than ever..."]

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