Versuri Pro-Pain - Don't Kill Yourself To Live

Album: Pro-Pain - Pro-Pain

Let me tell you a story that you'll never forget
bout' making something outta nothing
try to show some respect
I made it to the top of the Empire State
and put the bald to the win town for those who relate
New kid on the block I'm Not "so to speak"
but I'll punch you in your mouth, your head, and your beak
You can tell your friends,your moms,and your pops
how I came from the bottom and made it to the top

SO outta my way
I'm coming like a freight train right on through ya
and if you thumb a ride I'll take you home
One million mile an hour of superficial power
We got nothing to lose but lots to give
Don't Kill Yourself to live

Looking out for you like the CIA
I'll try to get you off for nothing the American Way
Run you outta Dodge like a shot in the dark
just when you thought that you were playing
with the boys in the park
keeping you in check, don't act so surprised
when you wake up in the morning with me in your eyes
Making sure you don't end up like the rest
gotta give it your best, through the worst, if not the last.

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