Versuri Pro-Pain - F.O.A.D.

Album: Pro-Pain - Shreds Of Dignity

Your empty words don't bring me down
Why did you think they would?
This revolution starts right here and now
And I'm in your neighborhood
It wouldn't serve you well to get the nerve to tell me face to face
Assassinate my name, initiate the same from place to place

Alas the stage is set
Revenge!, remorse?, regret?
Deny, deny, deny
f**k you, f**k off and die

Bet you made a fortune in f*****g lies
I'ts how you sell yourself
Best proceed with caution
Don't close your eyes
It's to protect your health
Hated with a passion
Yeah - this is you and I know you talk you're s**t
Now I'm on a quest to snuff you fuckin' out cause I'm so sick of it

We're no what it's about
So let the truth come out
Deny, deny, deny
f**k you, f**k off and die


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