Versuri Pro-Pain - f**k It

Album: Pro-Pain - Round Six

Took your cheap shots and now I've had enough
Life's a b***h boy when times are tough
It's best to burn out and worse to fade
I'm gonna punch the clock out with all dues paid

I hate the taste of your humble pie
And I'm walking out of here
With my head held high and...

I won't save my face
Or state my case
I'll speak my peace
f**k it - just f**k it

Been a long time since I've seen ysou smile
Well I feel like s**t cause I've been out for a while
I'm torn to pieces but the mind's intact
Yet the song remains, son - I got your back

We trust the good lord to see it through
And I'm never never ever
Givin' up on you and...

You won't save face
Or state your case
So speak your peace
f**k it - just f**k it

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