Versuri Pro-Pain - Iraqnam

Album: Pro-Pain - Age Of Tyranny: The Tenth Crusade

Sickened beyond our wildest imaginations.
Thoughts imprisoned and owned by the corporations.
God save their souls for leading us all into hell en masse.
Contempt for the dead, we learn nothing from the mistakes of the past.

Always the first to deceive, the first to believe, the last to get something done.
Our lives are at stake, and yet you've forsaken yourselves for the fortunate sons.

Oh, they promised they meant us no harm,
then sent us to die - IRAQNAM !!
They promised they meant you no harm !!
IRAQ f*****g NAM !!

Weapons of mass deception like those of LBJ,
sold by the press into your homes so your minds will decay.

False f*****g flags flying everywhere, do you f*****g care?
Always the last to know but the first to go into harms way,
loved ones are kept in the f*****g dark all alone to bear
the pain and the price that we pay for this f*****g sham !!