Versuri Pro-Pain - No Way Out

Album: Pro-Pain - Shreds Of Dignity

Douse the well with poison
Call me when it's done
Make sure there's no choice in all matters yet to come
Follow me through darkness and trust my evil lead
Bring death to those that shun us and swallow every seed

And over the fields we will run
Blind to what we've become
Face your fears and have no doubt
There's one way in - and no way out

Venomous, courageous, carnivorous, and free
Those that dare engage us get stripped of all their being
Hate divides all nations in this genocidal age of gross annihilation and
homicidal rage

So this is how wars are won?
Millions are ruled by one
Question all when in doubt
There's one way in - and no way out

Open the wound and let the blood run unitl you're dry
The system's immune
Drain the will to survive

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