Versuri Pro-Pain - Phoenix Rising

Album: Pro-Pain - No End To Sight 2008

They're getting all in your face, coming down right at you from a higher
You're at a loss for words from the craziest s**t that you ever heard.
So take a back seat quick, lay low, play dead, or face sick.
Pray that nobody bites, so play nice or else they just might.
The phoenix rises cause you kicked up the dust.
Now there's no surprises and no one to trust.
It's an inquisition, so think of the cost, the thought cremation, and
the total loss, while they burn our souls on the cross.
Got to get to the truth.
Yeah, the whole truth.
Nothing but the f*****g truth.
That's if we're to survive the inquisition of modern times.
In the words of the rich, "gotta save the palace and burn the witch."
The false prophets await to render judgment for the church and state.
the phoenix rises from the ashes of us.
A modern maverick of utter disgust.
It's an inquisition and all faith is lost through blind ambition, just
think of the cost as they burn our souls on the cross.
Phoenix Rising.

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